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Luke Miller is home grown from Phoenix, Arizona where he grew up playing football and baseball at Chaparral High School and attending Scottsdale Bible Church regularly. With the opportunity to play football in college, Luke attended Azusa Pacific University, a smaller school in the greater Los Angeles area. Realizing he wasn't going pro anytime soon, he finished part of his undergraduate studies at Oxford University in Oxford, England where he studied strategic management.

After his education, he transitioned to bathroom remodeling sales with ReBath in Tucson, AZ. Luke worked his way from the bottom up, where he started in the warehouse unpacking shipments, worked instillation, then finally became a sales representative where he saw his custom projects through from beginning to end. After three years he had an offer to transition to the medical device field, working for a company called Stryker.

At Stryker, Luke worked with orthopedic trauma surgeons, supplying them with proper instrumentation and implants to provide best patient outcomes. With no prior medical experience Luke had to be a self-starter and learn the intricacies of treating fractures. Stryker bought into Luke as they sponsoring him to receive his Masters in Management at Texas A&M, while simultaneously growing as a trauma sales representative.

Now how did all of this experience lead him to real estate?

Watching how real estate served as his father’s most successful investment, Luke formed the passion to help others to do the same. Luke believes that a home is a place to make memories and to enjoy, but it also can be one of the largest purchases in someone's life. As a realtor Luke takes pride in making sure his clients not only find the "perfect fit" of a home for their family, but also find the smartest deal when making this life change.

Through his experience in remodeling sales, Luke possesses an eye for key indicators as to what might be behind the walls and how to find a good structural home. At Stryker, regular dealings with hospital administration allowed for him to grow his negotiating skills and find common ground that works well for both parties.

Luke specializes in first-time homebuyers or sellers and in offering the newest technology to his clients. He will be there each step of the way through the home buying and selling process.

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