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    David is that rare individual who manages people because he wants to help them become successful in their business. His success is their success. He has a strict policy of “no crabby people” that makes our office unusual in the real estate business. He creates a sales office environment where there is support from him and the company and also where the agents are encouraged and expected to support each other to succeed and to enjoy their work lives. He is a seasoned professional with many years experience in real estate in this town and his depth of knowledge is communicated with calm and humor. Personally, I started as a newly licensed real estate agent with Arizona Best and David ten years ago and even through the ups and downs of the business, I know that I am fortunate to have met and been mentored by David MacIntyre. — Sandy Adler


    Arizona Best Real Estate is simply the best. We have the best owners, the best agents, the best staff and the best resources of any other firm in the Valley. It starts with David and Charmayne MacIntyre who foster an environment of family, customer service and integrity. Our agents treat our clients like family while providing outstanding customer service. Arizona Best has a commitment to train and mentor their agents with classes in the latest cutting edge technology and continuing education. We are a dedicated, fun, family of owners, agents and staff who always have time to help each other and welcome new members to our group.  — Mo Curit


    Arizona Best Real Estate is The Best…after all I’ve been working here 30 plus years, so they must be doing something right!  We’re a family working together with owner/broker David W MacIntyre doing his research and helping us be successful with up to date common sense advice.  It’s been my pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable, trust worthy team.Susie Goetze


    I came to Arizona Best Real Estate February 2013. And it was the best decision that I could have made. I moved to Arizona from the North Shore of Chicago where I had practiced real estate for eight years. Even though I loved Arizona I was a bit apprehensive about leaving my office and my friends in Lake Forest, IL. The day I walked in to “Arizona Best” I was feeling a bit nervous because having been in my Lake Forest office for eight years I didn’t think I would find a place in Arizona that would make me feel at home like I had in IL. Well, I had met with Penni and she couldn’t have been nicer to me. She spoke with me and gave me background on Arizona Best. Next, I had the great pleasure of meeting David. He really calmed my fears about finding a good office. He was so direct and explained everything about Arizona Best to me in away that I felt like I did not need to interview any more offices. I then sat with Laura, who was so professional and so kind to me explaining the new MLS, websites, etc. She couldn’t have been more helpful. I left that day so excited after meeting everyone. I had a few more interviews with other offices and I cancelled them. I knew I had found the place for me. And after almost a year at Arizona Best, I feel stronger today that I made the right choice. The company is made up of some of the finest people I have ever met. Everyone is so unique in their own right but yet everyone gets along so well. And are always willing to help each other out. I often think back to my Lake Forest Days with such an appreciation to have met great people. And now I think ahead with gratitude that I have met the same caliber of people here at Arizona Best. — Colleen Grilli


    David MacIntyre, Broker at Arizona Best Real Estate, sets the bar high for who who work with him. For the company as a whole, he constantly looks ahead at the real estate industry and market to determine what the needs may be in order for each of us to meet challenges and continue to grow professionally. Always, he is quick to share and quick to outline opportunities for growth and ways to address challenges. He is a motivator, a mentor and always support. He fosters a culture that makes you want to be the best you can be. — Vicki Kaplan


    Prior to Real Estate I worked for General Electric:  first, as a payroll administrator for a national labor force and secondly as a Customer Service Specialist for their Electric Utility Sales Division. In 1989 I decided to change paths from Corporate to a more hands on occupation.  Real Estate seemed like a good option for me since working with and helping people appeals to me.  So, I secured my license and began working for Arizona Best (then ERA). Twenty-five years later I’m still here at a company that still nurtures, inspires, challenges, and motivates.  I feel fortunate to be a part of the Arizona Best family and the culture that it reflects in its excellent staff, positive attitude and professional atmosphere. —  Bernie Lombardo


    Before I joined Arizona Best Real Estate I had worked at other real estate firms that did not educate, encourage or support the agents. We were on our own. At Arizona Best we have unparalleled Broker and staff support along with continuous education and introductions to the industry’s finest. Then there are the wonderful agents that surround me who will lend an ear to discuss a real estate contract scenario that needs thoughtful or creative tweaking. As an agent for Arizona Best, I have been fortunate to be a member of Leading Real Estate companies of the World and have attended annual conferences that educate through seminars with the recognized giants of real estate. It allows me to introduce myself to other Leading Real estate agents and brokers from around the country and beyond so that I can build relationships with those agents in order to provide far-reaching help for my contacts. I am also happy to have at my fingertips the daily Cromford Report by leading RE expert Michael Orr. It not only keeps me on top of the market but is a great resource for my clients and potential clients. Arizona Best is unique in that from the brokers down you are around people who care. I love it. — Cheryl Menayas


    Arizona Best was the best thing that could have happened to my business.  David MacIntyre is an excellent coach and could always direct me in finding new business and securing the clients that were within my reach. I love working at Arizona Best because of the friendly, family atmosphere, top notch referral/relocation department and network and state of the art training and support. — Nancy Morris


    This is my second stint at AZ Best.  Frankly, I do not know why I left after the first stint to go join a KW office.  Being part of a franchise is not something I enjoy.  I have the utmost respect for the AZ Best family and it is safe to say that I will not be leaving again.  I love how AZ Best is family owned and operated; I am a huge fan of this.  Of course I like the top notch resources and all the administrative support we receive as agents, but I also like how we have weekly meetings.  This is good for an accountability standpoint, and it is also great to see everyone.  Being able to get direct support from the broker is key for me, and you cannot put a price on that.  The ultimate benefit for me for working at AZ Best is that I am surrounded by great people working for a great cause.  With great people we can accomplish anything.   My benefit is to see the look on my clients faces when everything is completed and they are ready to start the next chapter of their life.Chris Nace


    Arizona Best, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Having been a licensed and working agent for over a decade prior to joining Arizona Best, I am tremendously grateful to have stumbled upon Arizona Best or, rather, that they stumbled across me. Having been an ‘island’ for 13+ years, the family at Arizona Best is just what my professional soul craved. I cannot rave enough about the office staff – not only do they absolutely excel at what they do, they’re flat out wonderful people I enjoy seeing every chance I get. The professional, yet, fun. atmosphere is second to none. Though we’re all technically ‘competitors’, it can’t feel further from that. Sounds oxy-moronic, I know, yet is the absolute truth. The extra-mile is standard here. Phenomenal, all the way around, I say. Phenomenal! — Kristi Newman


    I joined Arizona Best Real Estate with the concept that they follow which is by referral. To work with people you like and that like you.  I was with another firm for about a year before I allowed myself to look into a change.  I attended our weekly meeting and IMMEDIATELY knew this was the place for me. That exact day, I severed with my broker and moved my license to Arizona Best.  I was welcomed with open arms.  I loved that the CUSTOMER is first and financial gain is second. This is not only a real estate firm but a family. — Wendy Ortiz


    David has cultivated more than 40 years of Real Estate wisdom and know how and gladly passes it along to others. He has always fostered a corporate culture of helping each other both personally and professionally without ever asking for anything in return. His astute business acumen and ability to predict trends keep Arizona Best ahead of the competition. His quick wit can diffuse the most intense of situations. David MacIntyre walks his talk and is a man you can rely on. He has made it his mission in life to teach women (and men too) how to be successful in Real Estate so that they may enjoy financial independence and a life balance that surrounds a 24/7 philosophy (that’s working 24 hours per week/7 months of the year if you do it right). David will mentor a person into a remarkable career in Real Estate if he/she is willing to be lead. — Denise Pruitt


    I feel like I have been in real estate my whole life and since I have had my license since 1974, it has been almost my whole life!  I came to Arizona Best Real Estate in 1988 and found my home.  Unfortunately it was two weeks after some of the agents in the office won the lottery so my timing was a bit off, but I won’t leave here until we win the lottery again or they drag me out!  The Company cares about all of its agents and strives to give us all of the tools necessary to be successful including weekly meetings with updates on market conditions, all the help and counseling that we sometimes need and a wonderful staff that is always there for us.  We also have a fabulous relocation division where we can give and receive referrals.  All I can say is that Arizona Best Real Estate is the BEST!!! Marby Pruitt


    I decided to change careers for personal and family reasons. I had a successful career in the horticulture industry for a National Company as a Sales and Account Manager throughout the 12 Western States. I dealt with many different buyers and Managers for independent and mass merchant companies. I decided that Real Estate would be a new and challenging move. So with much confidence I enrolled in Real Estate School, studied lots and passed both the school and state tests on the first round. I then began with interviews at different Brokerages and had mixed feelings. I met with both smaller and larger franchise companies, though didn’t know what direction to go nor did I have a great feeling about many of them. I had dinner with a very good friend that reminded me of her friendship with Charmayne McIntyre who I had met thru her. I called her and set up a meeting with David, the Broker of Arizona Best on a Wednesday morning and had great interview. He offered me a hiring package on the spot, I met the staff and knew right then I had found a new family of friends within our office. There is a lot to learn in building your own business and the environment at our office is very helpful with just that! We have an office meeting every Tuesday that is educational and also give us a chance to network with each other and also associates from other resource companies. Our Friday Think and Drink afternoon is lots of fun, we all share stories, and our staff puts together great training video’s. There are so many agents that have offered advice, shared experiences; acted as a coach and cheerleader to me and I credit my successes to them and their help. Our incredible, efficient, supportive and caring office staff and David and Charmayne’s style of running a business make Arizona Best Real Estate a fantastic office to be in. I am honored to be a member of this team!! — Cindy Riding


    In 1981 I decided to pursue a dream of becoming a real estate agent. Once I completed the required course work I began to interview with the top real estate companies in the Phoenix-Scottsdale market. As a single mom of 2 young daughters it was my intent to sell real estate while also working as an elementary school teacher.   After meeting with about 4 managers of those top companies I was informed that selling real estate “part time” wouldn’t be possible. They explained all of the reasons why I couldn’t succeed and never offered any encouragement to continue to pursue my dream. My last interview was with David MacIntyre at Ed Post Realty.   Immediately I realized that this company and this particular office were different.   I felt a positive and energetic atmosphere even though the physical office was small and less impressive than some of the other companies I had visited.  David welcomed me and introduced me to some of his agents. He never said that I couldn’t work in real estate while keeping the security of my teaching position. Quite the contrary, he encouraged me and explained all of the reasons why I could achieve my goal to become a full time agent. Right after David hired me I attended a 3 week comprehensive Ed Post Training program and then returned to work in the brand new Ed Post facility located on Tatum Blvd. Soon I had an impressive office full of talented agents and furnished with every tool that was available to help an agent make sales. It didn’t take me long to recognize that even though I worked in such great location with new building, furnishings and successful agents I needed guidance and coaching.   David instinctively knew what to do and how to help not only new agents but seasoned agents. I always knew he was something special but it took a few moves out of state and work for a number of other top brokerage firms to realize just what an incredible manager and motivator I had as my first mentor. Fast forward about 24 years and my youngest daughter moved back to AZ from CA. She decided to pursue her dream of becoming an agent. After completing her schooling she started to interview with the top real estate companies. She graduated with a very marketable degree and was gifted with an incredible personality so I had no doubt that she would be in demand.   At the time I was enjoying a very successful real estate career in the SF Bay area. I tracked down David MacIntyre at Arizona Best Real Estate and suggested that my daughter give him a call. She had a great conversation with him but informed me that she had made up her mind to work for a Russ Lyon office near her Ahwatukee home. She told me about the very chic and fashionable manager, the impressive office and ease of access to that office. David had asked her to come in and speak with him before she made her final decision. It was her intent to thank him for his gracious welcome and tell him about how often I had lamented lack of great management at the various offices where I had worked throughout the years.   Once she left David’s office she eagerly called me declaring, “I love him; I just love him so I am going to work for Arizona Best even though I live so far from the office”.   Eventually my husband and I decided to make Arizona our home base. After many years as a very successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur my husband also got his real estate license and immediately went to work for David at Arizona Best. Eventually I got my broker’s license in AZ and of course there was no doubt where I would work! Over the past 30 years I have worked for 4 top companies in Colorado and California. At 3 of those companies I had a series of managers.   In all my experience I have never encountered anyone so intent on helping his agents become successful. I have had some record breaking years and some lean years in real estate.   While many of those managers were technically very competent most all lacked the ability to stimulate and motivate. They were universally quick to suggest that agents attend any and all seminars and training sessions they needed to realize their goals. Of course most all of those programs are time consuming and expensive. Anyone who has been in sales probably identifies with the gullible nature of many in our profession. I usually ended up spending lots of money to attend the seminar and then buying into their on-going coaching, tapes, books and other programs about how to become even more successful.   Currently I am still an active and licensed broker in California. While that company offers its agents the most recent technology available many of the offices lack the manager who inspires agents to work through the challenges of today’s market. This is what sets David MacIntyre apart from the crowd. Arizona Best Real Estate is an impressive office, staffed with a helpful and skilled personnel.   Under David and Charmayne MacIntyre’s leadership it continues to refine and enhance the office to make it technically competitive. The company offers first class relocation assistance, prestigious affiliations and networks with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World-Luxury Portfolio while providing continuous, ongoing training for the agents regardless of their level of experience or achievement. In a rapidly changing market, the weekly sales meetings educate agents about the most current changes happening in our industry.   David uses his extensive network of resources to bring in the best speakers and programs so that our agents are always informed and ahead of the field in terms of knowledge and access to experts.  David is accessible 24/7 to assist an agent when a situation arises. He has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of an issue or problem without getting tied up in the non-essential details. He is always reassuring and positive in his efforts to reach a satisfactory resolution.   Growing up in a real estate family and getting his degree in that field has provided David was many decades of experience. He has lived through real estate highs and lows and proved that he is able to maneuver his office and agents through the market regardless of the current trends. David continues to be unique in his desire to bring the best training available to his agents while absorbing the majority of costs and expense.

    David MacIntyre is a rare find in our industry! He is confident and friendly, competent and skilled, respected and connected, compassionate and passionate about helping his “team” of agents achieve their personal and professional BEST! —  Cheryl Wamsley





    Thank you for the fabulous job you did in helping us find and purchase a home in Scottsdale.  I have been involved in the legal and personal end of real estate for more than 35 years, and you are by far the most conscientious, helpful and competent real estate agent I have ever run across.  In short, you’re the best. – Craig and Charlotte H. (clients of Vicki Kaplan)

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