Moving Checklist

    Moving Timeline Checklist 

    Four Weeks Before Move: 

    • Insure that both you and the buyers receive copies of all documents pertinent to the
    • Call for moving estimates to move your furniture and personal belongings.
    • Inventory all of household items
    • Purchase moving supplies such as boxes, tape, rope and anything else you might need and
    Start Packing Now!
    • Gather all items that you won’t be taking with you from basement, shed, closets, garage and
    plan a garage sale or donate to charity
    • Make a list of all people/organizations you must inform of your move/change of address
    • Complete U.S. Postal Service change of address forms and mail them to all applicable
    publications, stores and organizations.
    • Get copies of all medical, dental, accounting, legal, school and veterinary records and
    arrange for transfer if necessary.
    • Contact insurance agent to transfer or cancel coverage
    • Plan your travel route if you are driving to your new home’
    • Develop a plan for packing

    Three Weeks Before Move: 

    • Arrange for news utility services at new address such as gas, electric, cable, phone, trash.
    • Confirm moving company
    • Notify banks of your move and either close accounts or transfer accounts to new state
    • Collect all important papers for move such as will, insurance, deeds, stocks

    Two Weeks Before Move:

    • Prepare autos for trip if moving. Check tires, change oil and have serviced.
    • Leave garage door remotes, house keys, mailbox keys, manuals for appliances in kitchen
    • Prepare trip itinerary that include route, hotel stays, emergency contacts
    • Schedule for appliance disconnects for day before move or on moving day
    • Arrange for someone to take care of pets during move

    One Week Before Move: 

    • Defrost Refrigerator/Freezer
    • Pack boxes that you will need immediately upon arrival to new home and keep them with
    • Fill any necessary prescriptions
    • Arrange for care for pets and children on day of move

    Moving Day: 

    • Put garage door remotes, house keys, mailbox keys and appliance manuals in kitchen
    drawer for new homeowners.
    • Record all utility meter readings so you do not get charged additional
    • Review inventory checklist with your driver, give them a copy and keep two copies for
    • Fill up your car with gas




    Ruth has done an excellent job of acqainting/educating us with the details of the AZ market. This has been our first experience purchasing an AZ property – and we’re very fortunate to have her assist us. Bless her for her patience with us throughout the process! – Roger (client of Ruth Sells)

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