Moving Checklist

    Moving Timeline Checklist 

    Four Weeks Before Move: 

    • Insure that both you and the buyers receive copies of all documents pertinent to the
    • Call for moving estimates to move your furniture and personal belongings.
    • Inventory all of household items
    • Purchase moving supplies such as boxes, tape, rope and anything else you might need and
    Start Packing Now!
    • Gather all items that you won’t be taking with you from basement, shed, closets, garage and
    plan a garage sale or donate to charity
    • Make a list of all people/organizations you must inform of your move/change of address
    • Complete U.S. Postal Service change of address forms and mail them to all applicable
    publications, stores and organizations.
    • Get copies of all medical, dental, accounting, legal, school and veterinary records and
    arrange for transfer if necessary.
    • Contact insurance agent to transfer or cancel coverage
    • Plan your travel route if you are driving to your new home’
    • Develop a plan for packing

    Three Weeks Before Move: 

    • Arrange for news utility services at new address such as gas, electric, cable, phone, trash.
    • Confirm moving company
    • Notify banks of your move and either close accounts or transfer accounts to new state
    • Collect all important papers for move such as will, insurance, deeds, stocks

    Two Weeks Before Move:

    • Prepare autos for trip if moving. Check tires, change oil and have serviced.
    • Leave garage door remotes, house keys, mailbox keys, manuals for appliances in kitchen
    • Prepare trip itinerary that include route, hotel stays, emergency contacts
    • Schedule for appliance disconnects for day before move or on moving day
    • Arrange for someone to take care of pets during move

    One Week Before Move: 

    • Defrost Refrigerator/Freezer
    • Pack boxes that you will need immediately upon arrival to new home and keep them with
    • Fill any necessary prescriptions
    • Arrange for care for pets and children on day of move

    Moving Day: 

    • Put garage door remotes, house keys, mailbox keys and appliance manuals in kitchen
    drawer for new homeowners.
    • Record all utility meter readings so you do not get charged additional
    • Review inventory checklist with your driver, give them a copy and keep two copies for
    • Fill up your car with gas




    Just wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did for us in finding the house of our dreams. We love it! Your experience and optimism was greatly appreciated. We feel you have become a friend during the process. Please do not hesitate to use us as a great reference. Good luck in the future and keep in touch. Lots of love. – Tom & Lil (clients of Denise Pruitt)

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